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CAPMAC it's a company producing innovative riveting machines and automated riveting plants since 1970. CAPMAC machines works with auto-piercing rivets, solid rivets, tubular rivets of any shape material and dimension.
Main sectors of activity are: cookware and bakeries accessories, automotive and industrial vehicles, white goods and brake shoes, walls of van and panels; in general CAPMAC can offer a solution to join by riveting any mechanical component.


A new version of the CAP 12 due for release in 2012
CAPMAC will be presenting during the first quarter of 2012 a new version of one of it's most widespread riveters, the CAP 12, famous for having been able to combine compactness and... read more...
Decorating with Pad-printing: the new CAPMAC machines for cookware
CAPMAC is happy to announce the launch of a new line of pad-printing machines, designed specifically for the cookware sector. The birth of these machines stems from the contributio... read more...
Presenting the CAP 114 BFO4
CAPMAC is happy to present the CAP 114 BFO4, a new hydraulic riveting machine for pre-pierced items, designed to speed up the production process of pressure cookers with oval inter... read more...
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