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CAP 112
The CAP 112 is a new generation multi-application and modular machine that introduces the concept of ultra-flexibility. The CAP 112 is a machine for:
- riveting with self-piercing rivets (automatic feeding of the rivets on request);
- riveting of pre-pierced items;
- application of fasteners;
- clinching;
- punching;
- de-riveting;
- bending;
and every other typical application for the sheet metal sector.

This versatility derives from the possibility of mounting various kinds of C-Frames in a quick and easy way and makes the CAP 112 suitable for both small batches of different products and also mass production. Changing C-Frames takes only a few minutes: they are handled by a crane until they are mounted on the machine, allowing for the change to undergo with hardly any physical effort.
The modern and attractive design of the CAP 112 fits perfectly with ergonomics requirements, both for the use during production and for the tooling of the bigger and heavier C-Frames.
The CAP 112 also has a table top and a glove compartment. All the adjustements of the Force are made through a knob placed on the front of the machine and accessible from the operator position. A fully adjustable ergonomic pedal is available by request. It is also possible to set centering devices and jig.
Most common tools for riveting, de-riveting, clinching and punching are available in stock.

CAP 112 is supplied with “CE” mark (European Machinery Regulation 2006/46/CE and subsequent modifications).


- Multi-application machine with hydraulic-pneumatic operation
- Ultra-flexible with a universal C-Frame connections
- Suitable for applications that require a Force range between 3 – 5 Ton
- Modern design


CAP 112 FZ – Single-rivet version for riveting with self-piercing rivets
CAP 112 BF – Single-rivet version for the riveting of pre-pierced items
CAP 112 BF2 – Double-rivet version for the riveting of pre-pierced items
CAP 112 DR – Special version for de-riveting (two sub-versions: for alluminium only and for alluminium and SS)
CAP 112 PZ – Single-hole punching version a foro singolo, per basse produzioni
CAP 112 PZ2 – Double-hole punching version
CAP 112 PZ3 – Triple-hole punching version
- No limits of application: the possibility to be able to change the C-Frame offers unprecedented levels of flexibility
- Possibility to create special C-Frames for specific applications
- Initial cost of the machine amortized faster than other specific use machines
Technical sheet
Riveting force (8 bar)38 kN (3,8 Ton)
Riveting force (6 bar)30 kN (3 Ton)
Max work stroke (standard version)40 mm
Work cycle3 sec
Noise level (when working)72,0 dB (A)
Time needed for C-Frame change5 - 10 min
Machine size700x700x1800 h. mm
Net weight250 Kg
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