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CAP 140-L
CAP 140-L is a powerful hydraulic riveting machine with an excellent ratio of productivity, flexibility and range of application. Ti allows to work with different technologies of riveting. Modern and advanced, it is the perfect continuation of the great tradition of the CAP 140 series machines, began in 1972.

The CAP 140-L is the most suitable machine for “fast cycle” riveting of cookware items with self-piercing rivets using “FR” technology: the shell must not be pre-pierced, the rivet itself does the piercing. One of the main features of the CAP 140-L is to be able to work also with pre-pierced and high quality cookware items, using “BF” technology. The CAP 140-L can be converted from “FR" technology (self-piercing rivets) to “BF" technology (pre-pierced items) and viceversa in a few seconds. It has a very large space for handles, therefore making it ideal for hotel products (thick shells, long handles and large lids). Also, thanks to the special design of the lower lever, the CAP 140-L can rivet products with small diameter without any additional equipment. The innovative mechanics grant solidity and power, with low weight and overhaul small size.

CAP 140-L is supplied with “CE” mark (European Machinery Regulation 2006/46/CE and subsequent modifications).


- Riveting machine with hydraulic operation
- Automatic feeding of rivets
- Suitable for the riveting of economic, medium and high quality cookware items
- High level of productivity
- Touch-screen operator panel available standard on all versions
- High quality finishing


CAP 140-L FR / BF - Full optional, single-rivet version, it allows the change of configuration from "FR" to "BF" technology and viceversa
CAP 140-L 2RA - Full optional, double-rivet version with "FR" technology for brackets
CAP 140-L LO - Full optional, "BF" technology, specific for the oval of pots and pans
- Industry's milestone for the riveting of the most common cookware items
- Maximum flexibility given by the possibility to change configuration between “FR” (self-piercing rivets) and “BF” (pre-pierced items) technologies;
- Possibility to rivet a vast array of cookware itmes (economic; medium; high quality;)
- Access to all adjustments directly from operator position
- Easy adjustments with the LCD operator panel for: diagnostics, work-cycle selection (fast; quality; high/low widths; brackets; without rivet feeding;), input of times and parameters, manual controls;
- Pneumatic centring device for the holes of handles;
- Automatic rivet feeding monitoring and loading (self-troubleshooting kit)
Technical sheet
Max riveting force50 kN (5 Ton)
Max aluminium thickness (self-piercing rivets)6 mm
Max Stainless Steel thickness (self-piercing rivets)1,2 mm
Diameter of self piercing rivets (alluminium)3 - 8 mm
Diameter of self-piercing rivets (SS)3 - 5 mm
Diameter of rivets (for pre-pierced items)3 - 8 mm
Max rivet length24 mm
Max work stroke30 mm
Work cycle0,9 sec
Production capacity1200/1500 rivets/hour
Machine size700x1200x1800
Net weight500 kg
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