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Riveting Machine CAP 166
The CAP 166 is an hydraulic riveting and punching machine with fixed geometry. Powerful, strong and reliable, it has been designed to reduce scraps during production to the minimum.

Riveting and punching are made using “PZ” and “BF” technology. The process is as follows: pre-piercing of the pot body with the multi-hole punching machine and then, handles are riveted with a multi-rivet riveting machine. The riveting machine feeds rivets right from the beginning of the cycle, in that way the operator can position easily and intutively pot and handle with rivets being already in the holes. The CAP 166 is ideal for all products in alluminium, steel and multi-layer, especially the ones having / needing 3 rivets, of medium and high quality. Work cycle is managed by a PLC that is capable of controlling all machine functions and synchronisms.

Many optionals are available for the CAP 166, including: bi-manual push-buttons to start the working cycle, optical barriers and support for pots and handles in order to allow riveting even without an operator.

CAP 12 is supplied with “CE” mark (European Machinery Regulation 2006/46/CE and subsequent modifications).


- Riveting machine with hydraulic operation
- Fixed geometry (the interaxis between holes can't be modified)
- For applications requiring a high Force (up to 18 ton),
- Ideal for productions of big lots and small ranges
- Suitable for the following types of products: pre-pierced items, high quality lids and baking forms, hotelierie
- Automatic rivet feeding
- Standard touch-screen operator panel
- The Punching machine is equipped with an automatic lubrification system for punches and a scrap collector
- Riveting and punching stamps are ingineered so as to maximize easyness and speed of setup
- Interruption of work-cycle in case of any eventual anomaly (“save-product” software)


CAP 166 BF1 – Automatic riveting machine, single-rivet version for pre-pierced items
CAP 166 BF2 – Automatic riveting machine, double-rivet (2) version for pre-pierced items, fixed geometry
CAP 166 BF3 – Automatic riveting machine, triple-rivet (3) version for pre-pierced items, fixed geometry
CAP 166 BF4 – Automatic riveting machine, quadruple-rivet (4) version for pre-pierced items, fixed geometry
CAP 166 PZ1 – Punching machine for single-hole items
CAP 166 PZ2 – Punching machine for double-hole (2) items
CAP 166 PZ3 – Punching machine for triple-hole (3) items
CAP 166 PZ4 – Punching machine for quadruple-hole (4) items
- Capable to sustain high production volumes with a minimum amount of scraps
- It can rivet using thick steel rivets of up to 10 mm
- Adjustable operator panel and pedal for the operator's comfort
- Easy access to all adjustments from the operator position (including rivet feeding)
- Easy adjustments with the LCD operator panel for: diagnostics, work-cycle selection (fast; quality; high/low widths; brackets; without rivet feeding;), input of times and parameters, manual controls;
- Automatic rivet feeding monitoring and loading (self-troubleshooting kit)
Technical sheet
max aluminium rivet diameterØ 12,0 mm
max stainless steel rivet diameterØ 10,0 mm
max n° of rivets per cycle3 - 4
riveting cycle1,2 sec.
max. riveting force180.000 N
machine dimensions100x150xh190cm
machine weight 1200 Kg
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