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CAP 260
The CAP 260 is a high-power riveting machine designed for the joint of metal parts with high-thicknesses.
The peculiarity of this machine is that it can guarantee a perfect quality of riveting eliminating any problems regarding centring, trimming, scrap removal and/or marking of the metal parts. It functions with HQR technology (High Quality Riveting) thanks to which the operation of riveting is totally assisted from the machine itself, making the quality of riveting independent from the ability of the operator, metal parts or rivets used.
Surprising are the results of the CAP 260, when used to join a forged steel handle with a pan thick aluminum or stainless steel pan. The result is a perfect riveting: the handle doesn't show any sign of the operation and the scrap never stays crashed on the rivet ("FR" version, for self-piercing rivets).

The CAP 260 riveting is supplied with the “CE” mark, and complies with the European Machinery Regulation 2006/46/CE.


- Riveting machine with hydraulic functioning
- High-Force range (16-20 Ton)
- Suitable to be used with rivets of high-diameter (5-10 mm SS)


CAP 260 FR - Single-rivet version for riveting with self-piercing rivets
CAP 260 BF - Single-rivet version for riveting of pre-pierced items
CAP 260 2RA - Double-rivet version for the riveting of brackets
- Quality of riveting guaranteed 100%
- Possibility to obtain a high quality riveting even with an inexperienced operator
Technical sheet
Aluminum rivets diameter5 - 12 mm.
Stainless steel or copper rivets diameter5 - 10 mm
Max riveting force160 - 200 kN
Working cycle2 sec.
Engine power8 KW
Machine dimensions1000x1500x1900h mm
Net weight1500 Kg.
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