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CAP 360
The CAP 360 is an hydraulic riveting and punching machine with variable geometry, for pre-pierced items.

The CAP 360 uses “BF” technology for riveting and “PZ” technology for punching. Both versions of the machine have “variable geometry”: C-Frames can rotate and translate: the machine can be configured on the basis of the interaxis between rivets and the diameter of the product to be riveted, or punched. This allows to adjust the machine for any type of pre-pierced product and it eliminates the necessity of bulky and expensive stamps. The change of angle is extremely easy and quick: a dedicated software is supplied, which gives the operator all the reference needed so as to make the configuration of the machine as effortless as possible.
In the riveting machine version, each rivet is feeded and riveted by one C-Frame. Rivets can be of alluminium, copper, steel or mult-layer.
The punching machine version is equipped with an automatic lubrication for punches and a scrap collector system. The mix of moving parts that occur at low power and speed, are controlled in wired logic for maximum safety.
Ease of use, automatic rivet feeding, fast cycle and reliability, are the factors that make the CAP 360 extremely productive.

The CAP 360 is supplied with the “CE” mark, and complies with the European Machinery Regulation 2006/46/CE.


- Machine with hydraulic operation
- Best choice for pre-pierced products of 2 and 3 rivets / holes
- Very fast work-cycle
- With variable geometry: can be configured on the basis of the interaxis between rivets / holes
- Automatic rivet feeding
- Advanced software for the configuration of the machine according to the product
- High-level of ergonomics


CAP 360 BF2 – Riveting machine for pre-pierced items, double-rivet (2) version (available in 3 different levels of Riveting Force: 6, 12, 18 ton)
CAP 360 BF3 – Riveting machine for pre-pierced items, triple-rivet version (3)
CAP 360 PZ2 – Punching machine for 2 holes
CAP 360 PZ3 – Punching machine for 3 holes
CAP 360 PZ4 – Punching machine for 4 holes
- Easy to use
- High-quality riveting / punching
- High productivity
- Possibility to use the same machine for different types of pre-pierced products
Technical sheet
Max riveting force180 kN (90 kN on each C-Frame)
Max diameter of rivets (alluminium)10 mm
Max diameter of rivets (steel)8 mm
Minimum distance between rivets24mm (with 5° tilt)
Work cycle1,4 sec approx
Power8 kW
Compressed air pressure6 bar
Machine size108 x 140 x 185 h cm
Net weight650 Kg
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