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CAP 140 R
The CAP 140 is a meccanical riveter that can be used with round or flat rivet heads, automatically feeded.
It allows the riveting between two or more sheets of metal, of which only the one on top must be pre-pierced. The scraps generated during punching are automatically retrieved. The tightness of the junction is ensured by the riveted head, which comes out from the upper sheet metal.

It is designed to be used by a standing or sitting operator that manually supplies the parts to be riveted and starts the work cycle by a foot pedal.
Some of the benefits of the CAP 140:
- high reliability of the sealing and tightness of the mechanical junction
- ease of use and integration in the production process
- possibility to work with pre-painted sheet metal and rivets
Technical sheet
Diameter of aluminum rivets3 – 5 mm
Length of rivets7 – 15 mm
Max thickness of piercable aluminium2 mm
Distance between riveting axis and machine body 180 mm
Work cycle1 sec. ca
Max punching and riveting force15 Kn
Minimum pressure of compressed air supply6 bar
Power1 Kw
Machine size64x132x168 (h)
Net weight / Gross weightKg. 770 / Kg. 795
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