Riveting Techniques

In general the riveting techniques are considered a wasting time method: pre-piercing the parts, fill in with the rivets and rivet them is an expensive process.

Making the process simpler and less expensive was the challenge that has pushed CAPMAC in investing their R&D resources to develop new riveting solutions for both pre-pierced and not pre-pierced products.

To speed up the riveting of pre-pierced parts, CAPMAC developed multi-rivets machines and process engineering solutions.

For not pre-pierced parts, others techniques have been developed : auto-piercing rivets (FR) mainly for aluminium, Integrated Punching & Riveting (IPR) to joining hard materials.

Riveting, means joining two parts by rivets. There are many typologies of rivets: tubular, semi-tubular, solid, auto-piercing.leggi tutto..

The type, the dimensions and the material of the rivet, must be defined considering the material of the components to be joined and the quality of the joining needed. leggi tutto..

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