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CAPMAC is a company specialized to produce riveting machines and riveting installations to satisfy any customers requirements.
Main sectors of activity are : cookware and bakeries accessories, automotive and industrial vehicles, white goods and brake shoes, walls of van and panels so that CAPMAC can offer a solution in the sheet metal joining markets. . To rivet the handles to pans and pots CAPMAC is the number 1 in the world. Since 1970 CAPMAC works with a grate success on international markets at. 80% of their turnover is coming from foreign countries

CAPMAC is a small company that works with a concept of “extended enterprise”. Thanks to strong collaboration with some “partner companies”, CAPMAC can take benefits of their experiences in different field of application : automation, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and more, in order to implement in their installations the most innovative technologies of the markets.

CAPMAC catalogue is very wide. There are mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic riveting machines. Furthermore CAPMAC is providing custom riveting machines and riveting installations with different levels of automation especially designed to solve the customers needs. Automated pallet lines, rotary tables, robotised riveting island, are some of the installations produced by CAPMAC.

CAPMAC is very proud to see that their riveting machines and riveting plants, today are working to produce components for : Audi, BMW, Bialetti, Bosch, BTicino, Meyer, Peugeot, Iveco, Renault Trucks, Tefal, Volvo, Whirlpool and many other famous industries in the world.

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